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The Adversary Deployment Exploitation Model (ADEM) is an Enemy Course of Action (ECOA) development tool. ADEM enables:

  • Representation of adversary long distance mobility exercises
  • Prediction of adversary deployment such as motorized infantry, armor, artillery, and TBM operations
  • Story-boarding of operationally realistic OPFORs
  • Consistency with Step 4 of the "Multi-service Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Theater Missile Defense Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace (FM 3-01.16)"

The ADEM tool is used to plan for and predict adversary system deployments to better predict, plan, evaluate, overcome, and defeat them. The tool generates Named Area of Interests (NAIs) based on bottlenecks, switchbacks, as well as weather and logistical delays throughout the deployment process thus enabling target of opportunities for overhead sensors and attack operations.


adversary deployment exploitation model

‚ÄčThe ADEM Tool currently being updated based on Tummah Technology's revised internal software standards and should be available shortly.