innovative engineering solutions


With vast experience in the Theater/Regional Ballistic Missile Defense Modeling and Simulation Industry, and detailed adversary modeling, Tummah Technology, Inc. provides unmatched "front to back" modeling.

With the Red-Force Deployment, Evaluation, and Modeling Tool (R-DEM), Tummah Technology, Inc. has broken the mold of past adversary modeling.  R-DEM integrates IC models like OMEGA and IMPULSE into force-on-force models such as the Extended Air Defense Simulation (EADSIM).  R-DEM provides robust representation of adversary  courses of action; unlike anything in the industry today.


intelligence services

Tummah is able to provide Geographic Information Systems (GIS)/Visualization support to a wide variety of customers, ranging from homeland defense to M&S gameboards to Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB). We provide most GIS databases ranging from Land-Use Land-Cover (LULC), man-made objects, feature data, and terrain data. We provide 3-D worlds to the M&S community, and we are able to provide imagery to many legacy M&S assets that traditionally don't have that capability; and with zero code-rewrite.

With Tummah's vast threat and intelligence expertise, and with our advances in threat modeling, we are able to provide the most realistic and advanced OPFOR to any venue. Tummah provides theater-level ballistic missile defense capabilities analysis and performance assessments to ensure that our assets perform as effectively and efficiently as possible, and that they are integrate with our friends and allies capabilities seamlessly.

corporate capabilities

Tummah engineers have vast system performance and effectiveness analysis experience with HAWK, PATRIOT, CorpSam (MEADS), THAAD, and GBI/GMD.  Additionally, we develop custom models and tools that seamlessly integrate legacy M&S assets, and we specialize in developing software interfaces between the Intel community and the M&S community which enables Tummah to provide the most realistic and "smartest" OPFOR in the industry.

modeling and simulation

areas of expertise

Tummah employees cover a broad range of expertise throughout the Defense Department enterprise.  Whether you need support on a critical program, short-term project management assistance, or simply need help developing innovative solutions to tackle a key issue, Tummah can help.

GIS / visualization