The R-DEM Tool is a multifaceted tool that solves a multitude of complex questions related to predicting, representing, modeling, and simulating an adversary's ballistic missile activities (Opposing Forces).  R-DEM automatically generates operationally realistic

OPFOR/Red Forces deployment scenarios based on garrison locations, Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs), Red Order of Battle (OoB), user-defined targets, regional terrain and feature data and exports the test cases in either ASCII text format, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Extended Air Defense Simulation (EADSIM) input files, UMPIRE Project files, or Google Earth layers.

In addition to the Red Force scenarios, R-DEM generates hundreds of potential Enemy Courses of Action (ECOAs) based on an adversary's geopolitical objectives and their ability to protect their forces. R-DEM also enables users to evaluate 3rd party test cases for operational realism and accuracy.

The R-DEM Premium version adds additional capabilities to the Basic version, including:

- Exporting of ECOAs into Google Earth Layers.
- Exporting of ECOAs into EADSIM laydown and AOI layers.
- Incorporating Terrain into ECOA development process.
- Evaluating 3rd Party Test Cases/ECOAs.
- Evaluating Blue Force Sensor Deployments.
- Incorporating Red-Force Time-on-Target CONOPS.
- Generates full 1 to 10 day (24/7) representation of Adversary BM Operations
- Automatically generates prioritized BM Named Area of Interests (NAIs)

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