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r-dem Versions and help

red-force deployment, evaluation, and modeling tool

​The R-DEM Tool is distributed in two versions.  The first version, known as R-DEM Basic, is distributed freely to any U.S. Government organization or their supporting contractors (with approval from their Government sponsors).

The second version, known as R-DEM Premium, is a purchasable product that adds significant features in the development and streamlining of scenario generation and output.

R-DEM downloads:

The Red-Force Deployment, Evaluation, and Modeling Tool (R-DEM) simulates Red-Force ballistic missile operations.   R-DEM automatically generates operationally realistic Opposing Forces (OPFOR) deployment scenarios and Enemy Courses of Action (ECOAs) based on garrison locations; Force Protection; Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs); Red Order of Battle (OoB); user-defined targets (defended assets); regional terrain and feature data.  Once a scenario has been executed, R-DEM exports the results in either ASCII text format, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Google Earth layers, Extended Air Defense Simulation (EADSIM) laydowns, or Umpire (DIA/MSIC software) projects.

Additionally, R-DEM quickly and efficiently tests/evaluates 3rd party test cases for operational realism and accuracy, and generates easy to read and understand discrepancy logs.  If you need to realistically represent adversary ballistic missile operations, R-DEM is designed to meet your needs.

All missile defense representation begins with an accurate threat. Unfortunately, Red-Force scenarios often fall short in many areas; incorrect garrisons, incorrect order of battle, incorrect launch locations, incorrect launch rates and/or time on target and raid sizes, and launches that don’t match launcher or missile inventories as they are deployed.  R-DEM is designed to shore up those weaknesses.