Modeling and Simulation

Red-Force Deployment, Evaluation, and Modeling Tool (R-DEM)

With the Red-Force Deployment, Evaluation, and Modeling Tool (R-DEM), Tummah Technology, Inc. has broken the mold of past adversary modeling methods. R-DEM integrates IC models like OMEGA and IMPULSE into force-on-force models such as the Extended Air Defense Simulation (EADSIM). R-DEM provides robust representations of adversary courses of action; unlike anything in the industry today.


Tummah focuses on all phases of all types of modeling and simulation. Our thought process never stays in the “box.” We are always thinking, “What if we…”? Modeling and simulation serves so many critical functions (mission rehearsal, mission planning, requirements derivation, systems effectiveness, procurement decision making, joint operations decision making, etc.), it is equally critical that the representations be accurate.

Tummah engineers have a vast array of M&S experience from high fidelity integrated air defense modeling of Hawk, PATRIOT, and THAAD, to threat specific modeling including kinematics, signatures, and Enemy Courses of Action (ECOAs). Additionally, Tummah personnel have supported multiple Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) constructive simulation exercises within the Red Cell (Rapid Decisive Operations) and the White Cell (Attack Operations). Additionally, Tummah personnel participated in the Blue Cell for a Blue Flag exercise at Hurlburt Field, FL. In addition to those simulations, Tummah personnel have supported many live-fly exercises for the European Command (EUCOM) in Joint NATO training exercises.


Tummah personnel are experienced users of most industry-standard threat modeling simulations and tools, including NASIC’s IMPULSE model, MSIC’s DICE, OMEGA, PIONEER, and Umpire, and MDA’s TGx. All of Tummah’s threat models developed in-house are designed to be integrated with the Intelligence Community (IC) models.

Distributed Simulations: Whether it’s Distributed Interactive Simulations (DISs), or High-Level Architecture (HLA), Tummah has been there before. Tummah engineers have been on the front line of using and in some cases defining the Protocol Data Units (PDUs) for DIS simulations. Our analyst and programmers have extensive experience in converting legacy simulations into fully HLA-compliant simulations. We have vast experience in developing Simulation Object Models (SOMs) and Federation Object Models (FOMs). Our extensive M&S experience includes: ModSAF, OneSAF, EADSIM, among others.